Low-to-High Volume Production of Sheet Metal Parts


Protopaja is a superior sheet metal series manufacturer – we have all the resources needed for a high-quality end product, in the batch size you want and at the desired quality level.

Modern production facilities, highly motivated staff, the expertise of the market leader, an excellent raw material and material readiness, in-house special tool production, as well as extreme precision in the sheet metal production make us the best possible partner for you.

Our mass production is trusted by several international companies, as well as innovative Finnish companies.



Our modern series production facilities are designed for meeting the demanding needs of our customers. Our customisable production lines provide flexible production capacity and uniform quality, as well as extremely precise end products.

Our modern equipment, in-house tool production and customisable production lines enable us to produce sheet metals in the desired batches and with a packing method that suits your production equipment.


Uniformly high quality – always

Our internal quality assurance ensures that the series production meets the set quality standards. We ensure the quality and precision of the parts with visual inspection and by using a video measuring system. We also mark the production batch number on the packaging for ex-post monitoring.

We perform water cleaning with an ultrasonic method on all sheet metal parts before shipment. The cleaning is performed in accordance with your needs; on the production line or separately.



Production series tool manufacturing, maintenance and testing

Our tools department designs and manufactures all special tools needed for sheet metal production by using the latest production methods and high-quality materials.

Maintaining and testing the tools is also an important part of our business. We produce the agreed amount of customer products by using product-specific materials, from prototype parts to production series.

We build the production lines with the help of a Finnish supplier specialised in automation equipment.



Protopaja as a production partner

  • Full service sheetmetal production
  • Production of small and large series
  • Superior production precision
  • Design and product development for supporting the production
  • Excellent raw material and material readiness
  • In-house tool manufacturing, maintenance and testing



Internationally recognized

Export covers approximately 50% of our activities, half of which is outside Europe. We have customers in dozens of countries around the world.


A well planned product is cost effective to produce


Take advantage of our expertise as early as in the planning phase. The goal of our planning service is to affect the properties of the products so that production in series is as cost effective as possible.

Planning & product development 


The right products in the right volume and at the right time


The purpose of the order-to-delivery process is to ensure timely delivery of products, with the right amount and quality. The initial data is the orders and forecasts received from the customer.

Operational models