R&D Services and Prototype Production


Protopaja is a sheet metal expert that provides broad knowledge in product development, professional design services and fast high-quality prototype production.

You will receive help at the early stages of the product concept planning, or help in product development for existing products. Prototypes can be produced quickly and at a quality matching the final product.




Expert in new product design

Our R&D team helps you create a production-ready product from your conceptual sheet metal solution.

We use the product specifications provided by the customer or a modeling document from our own R&D team as the base information. The result is a systematically documented product range with agreed samples and measurement results, including customer satisfaction assurance.


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Product development for existing solutions

Become more competitive by reducing component costs or improving the operations of the production line. Our expertise allows us to further develop sheet metal processes or products.

We provide you with all the necessary resources under one roof for a solution that fits your needs.



Prototypes that match the end product

Our modern equipment enables us to produce high-quality prototypes quickly. In addition to our high-quality machinery, we have developed approaches for producing prototypes and potential small series for customers even faster than before.

The prototypes provide a realistic picture of the final product before production.


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You will receive everything needed for starting up production…

We offer the solutions and tools needed for your product concept, all ready for production. We will provide the required documentation and cost-effective models, which can be used for manufacturing parts matching the set tolerances.



…and we also provide comprehensive mass production possibilities

Modern production facilities, highly motivated staff, the expertise of the market leader, an excellent raw material readiness, in-house special tool production, as well as extreme precision in the sheet metal production make us the best possible partner for you

Small series & mass production




Our productionisation services

We offer all the solutions and resources needed for putting your product concept into production. You will receive all the documentation, material lists, as well as the necessary production tools from us. We also help you set up the production lines.

We provide a comprehensive service that also includes assembly of the ordered products. When the parts required for your product are manufactured and assembled by the same supplier, the quality of the end product can be monitored closely.

Our service minimises delays caused by logistics, because the manufactured parts are not shipped elsewhere for assembly.

Production abroad?

We can also find a suitable partner from abroad for you as part of our productionisation services, who will be able to meet all the challenges of the production.