Sheet Metal Fabrication Services – everything from design to production

Protopaja is specialised in sheet metal fabrication requiring extreme precision. We provide the best solutions in the Nordic countries for all sheet metal production stages, from design to mass production.Our modern production facilities with modern machinery, internal tool production, comprehensive raw material contacts and motivated staff guarantee a unique level of security of supply and professional service.

We are trusted by Finnish SMEs, as well as large international companies in the electricity, electronics, telecommunications and electromechanics industries.



What do you mean by extreme precision?




Extreme precision is required when really thin materials and small-sized components are worked on, with tolerances measured in micrometres.

The thinnest material we can process is only 0.05 millimetres thick. It is half of a regular copy paper and a just little thinner than human hair.



1. R&D services and prototype production

Our R&D team consisting of the best experts of the field provide a wide range of product development and design services for you. Our R&D team provides extensive productionisation services as well.

Our prototype production department can quickly deliver detailed prototypes and small batches to and make any needed adjustments to these if needed.

R&D services and prototype production



2. Sheet metal tool manufacturing

Our internal sheet metal tool manufacturing is our unique competition advantage. This ensures fast deliveries in the early stages of the production and secures reliable operation in the order-to-delivery processes.

Sheet metal tools



3. Small series and mass production

Our production lines can be tailored to the production of individual small series and up to demand-based mass production in the volumes and quality you desire.

Our supply network enables purchasing raw materials that completely fulfil your quality requirements.

Series production


4. Production facilities

Our production facilities of over 10,000 square metres include everything that full service sheet metal fabrication requires.

About production