Protopaja - Over 40 Years of Experience




Protopaja Ltd is an internationally known sheet metal expert and Finland’s leading subcontractor. We specialise in high-precision sheet metal design and production. We provide all services related to sheet metal production under one roof. We also help our customers operate on international markets.

In the course of our 40 years of business, we have established partnerships and trade relations in dozens of countries around the world.


Locally global

Established in 1975, Protopaja has produced tens of thousands of different kinds of precision mechanics parts for the leading companies in the electronics, electricity, telecommunications and electromechanics industries in Finland and abroad.

In spite of our international business activities, our feet are standing firmly on the Finnish soil. All works from product development to production is performed at our modern business and production premises in Naantali.

From here we serve our customers from Finland and all over the world. About half of our production is exported, half of which outside the EU.



Second generation family business

Owned by the second generation of the family, Protopaja is a financially sound company that employs over 40 trained and knowledgeable employees. A very low employee turnover is proof of the motivation level of our working organisation.

Customer satisfaction is based on understanding and fulfilling the needs of the customer

Our business focuses on understanding the needs of our customers. We perform continuous cooperation with our customers, which produces long-term partnerships, where both parties can trust each other. Our pride is based on the positive development of our customer base, the special skills of our staff, and the profitability of our business.



Protopaja in figures:

  • Established in 1975
  • 41 employees
  • Export about 50%, of which about 25% outside the EU
  • 10,400m2 office and production facilities