About Sheet Metal Production

Our sheet metal parts production facilities of over 10,000 square metres include everything that full service sheet metal production requires.

We have been in the business for 40 years. Experience is not just a decorative word, but rather a genuine competitive advantage. We have had over 40 years to develop our production methods and create unique supply chain contacts.


1.Modern production

For us, modern production is synonymous to customisable production lines, modern machinery, in-house tool manufacturing, a fluent material flow and an experienced staff.

We take modern and comprehensive machinery for granted, so that we can stay at the top of the sheet metal production industry. Our machinery provide us with superior precision, flexible production volumes, as well as extensive automation.



2.Special tool production

We are able to provide high operational reliability and minimise unnecessary production risks because we plan, manufacture, service and test the sheet metal tools ourselves.



3. Raw and other materials

The availability of raw materials and other materials is the key factor for minimising production risks. Our buffer stock and the reliable trade relations to various material suppliers developed during our 40 years of business help us meet these challenges.

The most common materials that we use are nickel silver, steel, stainless steel, spring steel, copper, copper alloys and aluminium. Our sheet metal tools are made out of hardened steel, tungsten carbide or aluminium.

Material thickness 0.05-4.00 mm.



4.Highly motivated and professional staff

Production does not work without a skilled and motivated staff, who know what to do in unexpected situations as well. This kind of knowledge can only be learned from practical experience.

Therefore, the goal of Protopaja is to create a working environment and atmosphere that promotes work satisfaction and the development of personal skills, as well as maintains motivation.

We believe that we are doing something right, because out employee turnover is exceptionally low.


5.Finishing and packing methods

We supply the parts you need in uniform quality. Finishing and packing is performed if required. The surface treatment of the parts is performed by the raw material suppliers or during the manufacture. The batches can be delivered by using a packing method that suits your production machinery.

Assembly services are also provided

We provide a comprehensive service that also includes assembly of the ordered products. When the parts required for your product are manufactured and assembled by the same supplier, the quality of the end product can be monitored closely, and the occurrence of errors is minimised.

Our service minimises delays caused by logistics, because the manufactured parts are not shipped elsewhere for assembly.



6. Customer satisfaction

We want to be a partner worthy of your trust. We are able to ensure the promised delivery times, cost-effectiveness and a high-quality end result by performing all work phases in-house.

Protopaja is a reliable partner for a demanding customer.


Production is only a part of Protopaja’s services


You need a manufacturing plant and a service provider, but you are not sure whether Protopaja is the right solution for you.


Protopaja is able to help in all matters related to sheet metal. We have 40 years’ experience in the industry and unique relationships both in Finland and in dozens of other countries.

We can help you find the right solutions to suit your needs. We can provide assistance with the productionisation, adjusting the production lines or finding foreign partners.

We recommend that you contact us in order to see how we can help.